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Terra, Starfire & Raven, Slade's Slaves

The Teen Titans enjoyed the party. It had been so long since they had really cut-loose! Slade was gone and their dear Terra was imprisoned in stone. Everyone had been so mopey!

Now they danced the night away! Raven and Starfire were even close, dancing and laughing as much as one could expect from Raven. Together, arms around one anothers' waists they approached the juice bar and ordered a round of phosphorescent green drinks for their friends.

Shockingly, Raven dropped her glass, exposing a look of honest surprise on her face. Had she seen a ghost?

Terra,... no a girl who looked exactly like Terra was grooving to the music at the end of the bar! She looked like Terra, but was no longer thin and waif-like. She was a more robust, slightly purple, fatter version of Terra. Raven rushed to her side, leaving Starfire standing in silent surprise, shyly wringing her hands over her stomach. .

"Terra?" She asked the girl. But the girl just looked away, unaware she was being addressed.

"Terra?" Raven repeated "Is it really you?" The girl looked at her.

"Sorry, have we met?" She asked Raven, who responded "No. I guess not" and returned to Starfire, still immobilized by surprise.

"Raven, you know that can't be her. She is fifty pounds heavier than she was before! and she touched Raven's midriff, moving her hand outwards as if to illustrate how much thicker than Terra this girl was.

Starfire and Raven went to a table, where Robin sat. He wasn't much for dancing, preferring to watch in stoic silence from his perspective as team leader. They shared the drinks and pointed out the girl who looked like Terra.

"It can't be her." He said, immediately regretting it. "But we should follow her, just in case. If she is here, Slade may still be alive too. For all we know he is controlling her again!"

The three of them left the party together, Beast Boy and Cyborg still dancing wildly amongst the throng of party-goers.

"There is no reason to break up the party. Let's just see where she is going." Robin ordered. And they followed her out.

Outside they saw her turn a corner. They followed, but she had disappeared in the dark, dead end alley before them. She can't have gone far. "Unless she is Terra," quipped Raven "She could have flown away on a brick!"

Checking the doors, they saw fresh footprints on the oily street. They led to a door and the three went in, following the smell of perfume up the stairs and down a dim hallway.

"Maybe she lives here. If this is her home, it can't be Terra." Starfire pointed out. Yet, following Robin's lead they pursued her still.

Then, Robin saw it. The warmth from behind one wall of the hallway warped the cooler air before them, betraying what was behind it. Robin put a hand on the wall and it was hot. No,... It was melting!

"Look out!" he shouted as the wall dissolved into a molten pile before him.

"We've been expecting you!" Slade said to a surprised Robin before electrocuting him to near death.

Slam! A great upheaval from the room beyond the wall pushes the bricks out and onto the two girls who fell beneath the rubble. The bricks pressed down with unnatural force as Terra revealed herself through the gaping hole.

"Good job Terra. You are truly my most gifted student" Slade told her to bring the girls to his lab straight away, and disappeared into the dust.

Terra levitated the pile of bricks with the girls inside of it, carrying them away over the city on a slab of concrete which she tore from the floor.

"Why don't you just teleport us out of here" Starfire asked from within the dark rubble. But Raven was already gone.

She returned to their rocky tomb shortly, however. "I checked on Robin. He is healing now, back at the Tower" Raven told her.

"Thank you for returning. I fear that I cannot break this power without harming Terra!" Starfire said

"Let's just wait here and see where she is taking us" Raven replied

With a hard thump they fall to the ground, nearly crushed by the falling stones as they arrived at their shadowy destination. Starfire protected them from most of the damage, but the bricks still made them bleed.

Slade staood in the shadows behind Raven. "Welcome home young ones!" he smiled at the girls "You are to be my most promising proteges!"

Mechanical tentacles emerged from the floor where they lay, binding the girls to it. They struggled, but Slade leaned in close and spoke loudly in their faces.

"Try on this new armor I have developed during my extended vacation" And an oily purple mist enveloped the girls.

"Gross! Is this some kind of armor lubricant?" Starfire balked at the greasy feel of it and the foul odor.

Before Slade could pull away, and even before he knew it was happening, Raven had him.

He had gotten too close, and now she was in his mind. Slade fell unconscious, and the purple mist dissipated as the armor descended from the ceiling. This armor was intended to control them, as he controlled Terra.

Starfire broke their bonds first, freeing the trapped Raven who had been unable to teleport due to something in the purple mist which now covered their damp bodies. The armor came crashing down upon the floor where they had been pinned and Starfire destroyed it with an energy blast.

Terra was on the offensive now, hurtling through the air a safe distance away, she shook the very ground beneath the fortress, upturning the floor. The girls flew after her and Terra was helpless before their attacks.

She fell to the ground, and Raven approached her mind with hers, freeing her from Slade's bonds as Starfire removed the armor from her weakened body.

But Raven screamed! "Something is wrong!" She was never so out of control! A wave of mental energy encompassed the three of them, transforming their minds under the influence of that mysterious oily purple gas which covered them all.

"It's mind control medium" Terra said weakly. "Slade's final defense. We... cannot... win." And, they all fell silent.

Slade was unconscious, but their bodies were still his slaves. Even after recovering Terra, they were all doomed to the evils of mind control medium.

Their sleeping bodies burned with a beast-like hunger and awoke without mental faculties. They were like animals now, unable to use their powers or control their urges.

Their stomachs howled with terrifying sounds. Their minds burned with unquenchable desires.  Their stomachs threatened to pull them inside-out, gurgling demands at them. Their minds were eaten by the hungry force of insanity and their skin crawled. They clawed at their clothing, which felt too constricting, cutting their stomachs with sharp fingernails.

In a short time, these three superheroes were transformed into mindless slaves. But, without Slade's technology they were out of control and dying.

At once, they fixed on the immobilized Slade and ripped him apart with their bare hands. Terra rubbed his blood over her stomach and breasts, then howled like a wild animal!

Latching eyes upon one another, Raven and Terra made for battle! They tore at each others' clothes and skin, drawing blood in the most brutal manner. Starfire ran to hide, but Raven and Terra saw her move.

They both rushed at her with furious might. Driven by hungers they could not contain, they were all maddened by the constant unfathomable hunger that boiled noisily within. the three ripped one another apart like wild jackals at a slaughter. Starfire was the first girl to die, beset by the larger Terra and the stronger Raven.

They each dragged a portion of her body to a corner of Slade's lair, greedily consuming the meat raw. Bloody and stained by with sweat and mind control medium, they retreated to separate corners of the compound. They watched one another until hunger beset them again. Then, they began to hunt.

This hunger consumed their souls and drove them to fear and attack all at once. They approached each other thirsty for killing and ready to die. Their hands tore at the skin of their stomachs, laying deep scratches and drawing more blood.

A plane overhead was the only thing to stop them. Its' powerful engines deafening the cannibalistic women, distracting them from the hunt. They retreated again, to watch the remaining Teen Titans emerge from the vehicle.

Cyborg shot Starfire down with a regrettable blast from his laser. She was alive, but still maddened and stunned unconscious.

Robin and Beast Boy caught Raven in a net and dragged her back to the plane, where they examined her. Beast Boy felt ashamed at seeing her naked, covered in blood. But, Robin went on with his experiments, sampling the purple oil with his portable electrophoresis chromatography analyzer.

Back at the lair, the two girls were locked in securely isolated rooms. They were washed and cleansed of the mind control medium. However, they would never be the same again. Mind control medium eats more than the mind. It had eaten the humanity from their very souls.

The hunger still burned the senses from their minds. They grew fat from trying to quell the pain with foods. A constant rumbling from deep within served as a constant reminder of this ravenous desire that would not be quelled. Their powers were lost to the deep well of emotional stinging and they were relegated to an insane asylum. The titans still visit, but keep their distance. The pain of seeing their teammates like this was too great to bear very often.

This great loss would become an obsession for Robin, who with all of his equipment and knowledge was unable to cure his friends. He would search for a treatment for their insanity until one was found. Until then, he would be plagued by images of his teammates setting in the assylum, rubbing their distended bellies with a hunger so lout, and so terrifying that it had robbed them of their senses. He would save them... if not for their sake, he would do it to honor Starfire.

-  by Lance Johnson
one of five short stories written as chapters in a series on the topic of weight gain and canibalism erotica

These are requested writings and part of another person's writing project.
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